Fascists: Shall not pass! Combatant Youth unmasks political character of arresting and process at Rio de Janeiro!



Shouting “Shall not pass!”, handcuffed, with wrists in the air, Igor Mendes, Caio Silva and Fabio Raposo entered, last 16th of December, at the room where was being held the criminalization hearing of twenty-three activists from demonstrations against Fifa’s Coup at Rio de Janeiro. The activists were saluted by the other defendants with the same watchword. Few hours earlier, the Habeas Corpus requests in favor of political prisoner Igor Mendes, activist from Student People’s Revolutionary Movement (MEPR) and Independent Popular Front – RJ and the political persecuted Elisa Qudrados Pinto (Sininho) and Karlayne Moraes da Silva Pinheiro were denied by the Justice Court Collegiate from Rio de Janeiro.


Reaffirming their condition of political prisoners and persecuted from the old State managed by Dilma Rousseff (PT), Sergio Cabral Filho (PMDB) e Eduardo Paes (PMDB) the combatant youth present at this false hearing gave another proof of combativeness and dignity, demoralizing fascist judge Flavio Itabaiana and the rotten judiciary from Rio de Janeiro. Itabaiana, desperate, shaking from fear and hate shouted out loud: “This is not the streets, who rules here is me!” Then, in another clear demonstration of the political persecutory character of the judiciary process against protesters and activists, the fascist judge “told” the lawyers and relatives to get out. Outside the hearing, dozens of people performed a combative demonstration for releasing the political prisoners and the extinction of all process, rising up red flags of fight feared by the reactionaries in toga.

The criminalization of protesters and activists at Rio de Janeiro at the end of the electoral circus is the signalizing from shift management about how will be treated all and any authentic popular struggle from now on, facing the  aggravation of the economic, political and social crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in the country. Dilma Rousseff(PT) strives in uniting all power groups and fractions from Single Party of dominant classes in a real repressive crusade to ensure the dark interests from big bourgeois, landowners and imperialism, mainly yankee, precisely represented in the high posts of her government by the ruralist arch-reactionary Katia Abreu at Agriculture Ministry and Joaquim Ley from Bradesco/FMI at Farm Ministry.

In the field, the electioneering opportunist front from Dilma Rousseff (PT/PMDB/”pe-ce-of-be”/PSB) applies an even more ferocious repressive police against the fight for land, against the combative peasant movement in struggle for the Agrarian Revolution. Not being able to stop the persistent fight for land through the acting of his tamed “social movements” the opportunist management coordinates the bloodiest repression through kidnappings, tortures, killings and prisons in the objective of keeping untouched the large estate and unpunished the landowners. Only at Rondônia State there are, at least, twenty peasants being kept political prisoners from the fight for land. Besides the massacre perpetrated against indigenous peoples, targets of constant attacks from National Security Force, Federal Police and Brazilian Army.

But they are very wrong IF they think they can contain the advance of peoples struggle through police repression and political prisons. The greatest election boycott from the countrys history express the increase of political conscious of our people and the increasing fascistization of the old State can only reassure the understanding for each time bigger parcels of masses from city and filed about the need and the righteous of the path of rebellion against this rotten and expired order!  


Immediate freedom for Igor Mendes and all political prisoners from city and field!




Student Peoples Revolutionary Movement – Brasil