People’s Movement conquers liberation for Igor Mendes: Raised arms, once more, let us scream: Fascists won’t pass!

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Igor Mendes, geography student at UERJ, activist from MEPR and FIP-RJ, was incarcerated arbitrarily and illegally for almost 7 months at Bangu Penitentiary Complex for defending the rights of manifestation and organization for his people and his youth. Political prisoner of old Brazilian State managed by Dilma Rousseff (PT) and her electioneering opportunist front (PT/PMDB/PSB/”Pecedobe”). Igor was arrested at December 3rd of 2014 being released on last June 22 by the pressure held by democratic and revolutionary people’s movement.


Our fellow always reaffirmed on a resolute and scathing way his condition of revolutionary political prisoner of this old State of big bourgeois and landowners servants of imperialism, mainly yankee, and theirs shift managements: federal of Dilma/PT and state of Cabral/Pezão/PMDB and not for a minute lowered his head or surrendered to his tormentors. In dozens of letters and articles wrote from prison our fellow affirmed: “What Brazil needs is a Great Revolution!” Incarcerated at a medieval dungeon from old State during these lengthy months he hold firm and rose even higher our glorious and victorious Red Flags. When leaving the prison he kept unfolding and waving at the hearts and minds of our people and our combatant youth the inexorable historical truth that TO REBEL IS FAIR!

We from MEPR will never be disheartened by this fascist State and its shift managements and will follow more firms and convinced of the fairness of our cause. We’ll always fight fearlessly one by one our battles against this hateful campaign of demonization of our combatant youth and criminalization of people’s protests, of our movement and FIP-RJ, headed by the yankee imperialist spokesman, Rede Globo. We left this battle even more devoted to the campaign for the end of the process against the 23 activist against Fifa’s spree and to the immediate release of Rafael Braga and all political prisoners from the fields and the city.

Igor Mendes’ release and the habeas corpus for Elisa Quadros (Sininho) and Karlayne Moraes (Moa) are before all a serious release for all reaction, from the fascists on duty mounted on three structures at the old State (executive, legislative and judiciary) passing by the lying communication monopoly with Rede Globo at head, to the electioneering opportunists from situation and opposition that rejoice on the process, persecution and incarcerations of the combatant youth and others people’s fighters from city and from fields. As a partial victory of struggle for freedom of democratic and revolutionary political prisoners, Igor Mendes’ release is an important conquer of a broad mobilization people’s sectors in our country and throughout the world against people's protests and movements criminalization, in favor of democratic rights to freedom of reunion, freedom of speech and freedom of manifestation and in defense of the democratic revolutionary path as way of national and social liberation in our country!

This is an important political victory of all combatant youth who is rising up from north to south since the great journeys of struggle from June/July of 2013, resisting to the increasing fascistization of this old and rotten State, so well expressed in kinds such of cheap and ruffian magistrates as Flavio Itabaiana, who, putting himself as Rede Globo's lackey, commits uncountable illegalities and, as the reactionary bourgeois always does, violates his own Constitution. In the current case, ruling the execrable action of such notorious DRCI (Police Station for Repression to Crimes of Informatics), something like a new DOPS from fluminense capital.


And it's a defeat, particularly, for the opportunism and all sorts of electioneering revisionists and reformists who, with their coward silence, are accomplice of this crimes against the people, making choir with all reactionaries speeches from press monopoly, when not acting directly as political police for the old State facing the unstoppable growth of the revolutionary movement among youth. As it was verified in the demencial act of aggression against 6 youngmen from FIP, MEPR and Unidade Vermelha (Red Unit) by the trotskyist bandwagon of 50 bandits from PSTU, occurred inside the UERJ, at April 16 of this year.

While Igor Mendes and all combatant youth rise fear and hate on the reaction and the opportunists, the campaign for his liberation and extinction of the political process against demonstrators gathered a vast sector of democratic organizations and personalities. We especially thank our fellows from ABRAPO (Brazilian Association of People's Lawyers) in the person of the people's lawyer Dr. Marino D'Icarahy, who by the brilliant conduction of his legal defense, counting on the inestimable support from the reputed jurist Dr. Nilo Bastista, unmasked and follows unmasking this criminalization process against the 23 activists, knocking down the draconian and unconstitutional "precautionary measure" that prevented this activists from participating on public and political acts and demonstrations.

Our most warm salutes and sincere thanks to all of those who have participated on the campaign for liberation of Igor Mendes and who keep steady in the struggle for immediate release of Rafael Braga and all political prisoners, as well as the extinction of the process against demonstrators, activists and leaders from people's movement on the fields and on the cities! Greetings to the combativity of our fellows 'Sininho' and 'Moa' who took the brave decision of not surrender to this rotten judiciary system, facing with dignity more than six months in clandestinity!

We greet with all democratic personalities, people's rights defense organizations, revolutionary militants, movements and organizations around the world who joined the campaign for liberation of our embattled fellow, in the persons of the former political prisoner from the 1964 military fascist regime and veteran communist José Maria Galhassi de Oliveira, member of CEBRASPO (Brazilian Center of Solidarity to Peoples) and the brave fellow Jandira Mendes, mother to our fellow Igor!

Long live to A Nova Democracia (The New Democracy) journal and all the people's press organs at Brazil and around the world!

Long live to FIP-RJ and all the organizations who composes this vigorous trench of people's combat and every one of their activists, who hold raised and waving our invincible flags of struggle!

Long live our heroic peasantry that struggles sun to sun for his sacred right to land crossing the tortuous, craggy, but brilliant path of Agrarian Revolution, resisting to tortures, murders and forced disappearances held by the real "death paths" from old brazilian State, commanded directly by the shift government of Dilma Rousseff (PT/PMDB/pecedobe), orchestrated by the Agrarian Ombudsman of Landowners Gercino Da Silva and his bevy of landowners bandits! Renato and Cleomar live! Death to big state!

Immediate freedom for the people's rights activist at India, Dr. GN Saibaba, the communist militant from Communist Party of India (Maoist) K. Mural (fellow Ajith), the former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, the political prisoners from ATIK (Confederation of Turkish Workers at Europe), the palestinian Islam Hamed, the lebanese communist Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and all revolutionary and democratic political prisoners and revolutionary and democratic war prisoners of all the world!

We are part of this vigorous dunghill fire that, sooner than later, will rise in powerful red blazes, burning all prairie, undermining the foundations of this bureaucratic capitalism that drags itself in another cycle of its permanent and structural crisis, as indissociable part of this rotten imperialist system and strategically already defeated, unburied corpse who's delirious to be capable to grease the bloody wheels of its deceiver "Democratic State of right" through innocuous and unrealizable reforms.

The dogs bark, but the caravan won't stop! Take as long as necessary, independently from the curves, unpaths and sacrifices needed, we are each day more convicted of the righteousness of our causes and principles. History since ever and every day proves: we are condemned to victory!

One more time, the youth rises and all rabble shakes! Let's turn our fellow Igor Mendes liberation and the struggle for liberation of all democratic and revolutionary political prisoners inexhaustible source of revolutionary decision, capacity and audacity in our irrevocable fight for destruction of the three mountains of oppression and exploitation of our people and our homeland, the big bourgeois, the big state and the imperialism, and for the New Democracy Revolution uninterrupted to Socialism and in service of Worldwide Revolution!

To serve the people with all heart, shock troops of the Revolution!

Go to combat without fear: Dare to fight, dare to win!

Long live Combatant Youth!

Fascists won’t pass!


MEPR – People’s Revolutionary Student Movement – Brazil – June/2015






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